IGCSE国际课程体系是国外中学阶段全世界考试人数最多的体系之一,经过多次修订与借鉴沉淀下来的课程内容兼具经典和创新,让学生的学习事半功倍,并且帮助夯实学生的基础知识。A-Level课程作为英国普通中等教育证书考试高级水平课程,也是英国学生的大学入学考试课程,其课程证书被几乎所有英语授课的大学作为招收新生的入学标准。上海ku体育 学校同时拥有剑桥、爱德思、牛津AQA三大考试局的授权,能够给予学生更多发挥学术优势的选择空间。

The IGCSE international curriculum system is one of the largest secondary school exam systems in the world. After many revisions and improvements, the curriculum content is both classic and innovative, allowing students to learn more effectively and consolidate the basic knowledge. The A-Level course is a high-level course for the British General Secondary Education Certificate Examination and a college entrance examination for British students. Its course certificate is used by almost all English-taught universities as the admission standard for new students. NAIS also has the authorization of Cambridge, Edexcel and Oxford AQA.