相比较传统型的学科合理课堂过程,咱们的科技改革创新科创课堂介绍目的可以帮助的的学生将牢靠的学科合理的按理来说的基础与实践活动操作、使用移动更佳地作根据,让的的学生不仅能借鉴学科合理覆盖的知识点点,特别能亲定时手学科试验实行科技改革创新式借鉴。科技改革创新科创课堂介绍中的特色文化课堂介绍是指:AMC,USAD,PBL产品式课堂介绍,科技改革创新课堂介绍,过了暑假训练深造营等。正的按理来说与实践活动操作的充分根据,或是对前瞻性的学科合理新技术范围借鉴介绍的构建,让ku体育 技术学校走在改革创新学科合理课堂的前边。


NAIS has very special and unique elite courses that aim to combine a solid theoretical background in science with hands-on, experiential activities that allow students not only to know about science but to do science as well. In addition, we also include AMC, USAD, PBL programs, and etc. into the elite courses. It is the integration of theory and practice as well as the introduction of new disciplines and areas of study that put NAIS at the forefront of innovative science pedagogy.