上海ku体育 学校提供的美高课程体系遵照美国共同核心州立标准(Common Core State Standards)实施授课,该核心标准按学科分年级明确学生在每个时期所需达到的标准,通过实施这一统一的教学标准,以确保学生在高中毕业时具备在世界各地大学取得成功所需的技能和知识,更好地适应大学阶段学习。
同时,上海ku体育 学校自创校之初通过美国大学理事会(The College Board)的严格审查后获得CB正式授权,成为一所拥有AP资质的学校。目前学校开设近20门AP课程,由拥有丰富的AP教学经验的中外籍专家承担教学任务,让高中学生提前进行美国大学的学分课程学习及考试,助力于顶尖大学的申请,并有机会获大学学分减免以及缩短大学学习时间。
在上海ku体育 学校,我们旨在打造小班化的高效课堂,根据不同学生的各自情况,实施选课走班、分层教学,满足每一位学生的个性化需求。
The American High School curriculum provided by NAIS is taught according to the Common Core State Standards, which specify the targets that students need to achieve in each period of time by subject. Through the implementation of this unified standard, students graduate from high school with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in colleges and universities around the world, and will be better equipped to study at the university level.
As a certified AP school, NAIS provides around 20 AP courses for students to choose. Under the instructions of teachers with rich experience in relevant fields, students will be able to get access to college level study and earn credits in advance, which will be helpful in their university application.
In NAIS, with no more than 25 students in each class, our teachers can better take care of each student in classroom. All teachers are encouraged to prepare differentiated resources that meet the needs of their students.